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Dear Boulevardinians
We trust that everyone has settled into the New Year now that Jan is out the way........You can almost smell Christmas again.

Ever thought about why time does speed up as we get older.......Well here is the answer:
If we hold true that all people (young or old) think that before they were born is a long time ago.....
then we can contemplate the following:

When you are 4 years old and turn 5........25 percent (1/4) your life went by.
When you are 50 and turn 51.......2 percent (1/50) of your life went by that year.
So now we can see that as we get older each year a smaller percentage of our life goes by
and therefore it feels a lot shorter in relation to the rest of the life we have lived.......... make sense?

Ok let's find out what's gonna be going by and what has already gone Bye Bye........

Boulevard Blues had a great time with Dozi and the rest of the clan at Molenvliet Farm on Wednesday the 31st Jan.
It was a long day and we were the last to finally record but we got a chance to hook up with Dozi himself and some of the other Musos there.
Dozi apart from being very Dozi is a great guy.
The fact that he doesn't use backing tracks when playing live sits very well with us.
He could very well use them and make more money but employs a 7 piece band and they are damn good.
After we finished up recording at about 12am it was off to the bar for some much needed Jägermeister.
Drinks were on the house so it was with great pleasure when John ordered a Jägermeister he received a whole bottle from the barman.
In typical muso style Graham Beyer's VW Kombi broke down in Stellenbosch and he had to leave it in a parking space at a Caltex Garage.
He had to phone Dubbel Nil trill and have it picked up.
Anyway the program will be on SABC 2 and it's called "Kom 'n bietjie binne".
It replaces Noot vir Noot and our performance of 3 songs and an interview will be on Friday the 4th of May(Unconfirmed Date).

What's coming up:
7th Wednesday.....HoenderHok Teater at Langverwagt Farm.....checkout or phone 021 9031203 or 082 7839987 to book (Acoustic and Electric band)
11th Berties Mooring Sunday gig....One of our longest standing and favorite gigs....5pm till 8pm....lekker...checkout 
21st Berties Mooring Wednesday Acoustic sessions...........8pm till 11pm ....Our famous all acoustic band.....not the Free electric band ...he he
23rd Friday at the Corner Bar in Durbanville with the Canon experiment Opening for us...the 1st of three gigs there....We gonna rock a bit more here cause it is a hard rock venue......Rock Dino at for more info.
24th sees us at a Private party in Kommetjie.........Yes we'll do your party too if you ask.... Just make sure you've got some blue notes for persuasion.
25th Sunday we're back to Guzzlers but this time Durbanville........6pm till 10pm....Let's Gooi Durbs.

Coming up March we have Cool runnings in OBZ
, Fogeys, Gecko Bar (Hermanus) and unconfirmed Down South Festival at Arrabella Sheraton plus much more so keep your inbox open and tap your feet on the ground.

That's a wrap I guess......
Remember Private parties,Corporate calls,Children's Chow downs and Divorce Remorses are our speciality.......
Our mailing list is so send friend's email addresses who you know would like to be on this list.

Quote of the week.
If you choose the won't snooze and lose

Thanks Guys for Reading
See u Soon at a Gig

Boulevard Blues........... Undercover agents for the Blues

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