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Blues Bros, Sistas and Chillins
How ya all doing?

Well we're all about a month older since the last newsletter and many of us keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again.
For example missing Boulevard Blues gigs repeatedly....Is this ever gonna end?
Also the bonus of a declared public holiday the day after every BB gig has always and still is a cool incentive to be there.
Lets break that cycle today Bluesidians by checking out the gig guide at

We're always talking about Highlights this and Highlights that.
What about the otherside.......the darker side....well here ya go.

Some lowlights for March were:

- Richard Pryor stage diving off the back of the Klein Libertas Theatre stage and nearly impaling himself on a Hi-Hat stand.
It was a stark reminder that lead guitarists are also mortal Human beings.
When asked why he fell off the back of the stage he said "Hi Hat no intention of doing such a thing"

- Another lowlight was Graham Beyer again being Skelmbos jinxed when once again his car came to an end on the N2 late at night
after yet another Stellies gig at Ikaya.
Not only did his car come to a end but he ran out of air-time as well so this was really the stuff that adrenaline was made of.
Makes Bloukrans bungi jumping with no rope seem safe.
Anyway some Toegang dude helped tow him back to his place for a SMALL undisclosed amount.
I guess in this case all is not well but ends well.

- Another lowlight was arriving at Ikaya Backpackers only to find out we were playing on the roof which was on the 3rd floor with no lifts.
Petrol to Ikaya R100, drinks for the evening R150,
The look on Graeme Abbott's face when he realized he had to carry full drum kit and PA to the Top .... Priceless!!!
Just as well he had roadie Dun-i-Can who couldn't walk for 2 days after helping him with this mammoth task.

Highlights in April:
Well the highlight is definitely the Durban International Blues Festival and it goes ahead end of this month with our performance on the 27th April... We're flying there so Jägermeister at 30 000 feet should be entertaining.
Also the Oyster and Champagne festival promises to be a good Easter outing at Bloemendal Wine Estate on the 7th April.... check here for more details

April is definitely Acoustic month:
- where our Acoustic Band with it's more laid back blues is in full swing at various venues around the Cape.
- The Acoustic Taxi starts off things at Bloemendal on the 7th at about 3pm and then it's Full AbbottMonty time with electric 2nd set after that.
- Then Easter Sunday Acoustic Blues on the 8th at Berties Mooring makes a change from the usual electric offering.
-Again at Berties for  Wednesday night the's Acoustic sessions....... Deja Blue
- For Sklembos Bluesers that don't like to leave their neighborhood, we come to you at Dorp Straat on the 18th
- Durban Villains you can break out of Cabin Fever prison to check the Acoustic BBs strutting their stuff at Die KunsKaffee on the 21st
- And then once again we re-visit the quaint little theatre of Chicken House which locals like to call Hoenderhok Teater.
This is a place where the locals get bored easily and the chickens become nervous.
It's also a place of Fowl language especially during Beak Season.... or phone 021 9031203 or 082 7839987 to book.... Don't chicken outta this one.

So yeah a very full acoustic month and a chance for all you Guys, Guyseresses and Guyserchillans out there to catch the Acoustic band if you haven't already heard us.
We're in full swing from our 4 nights at the Arabella Sheraton hotel where we have been honing our skills in 5 star company with some R30 Jägermeisters to boot.
Windhoek lagers R20 ..mmmmm best Windhoeks we've ever had...One beer lasted us the whole evening.
The weird thing was they were selling springboks for R7.....
And a 4x4s for R8 which included some stroh rum toppings......
So guys remember if you want the cheapest Springboks and 4x4s go to the most expensive place in town.... Sheraton.. he he he.... Weird stuff.

If you are feeling electrically inclined you could always stick your fingers inbetween the red and brown wires of the electricity mains
or you could catch Boulevard Blues Electric
on the 15th at Guzzlers Tableview Sunday 6pm till 10pm
on the 29th at Berties Mooring Friday from 8pm till 11pm
and of course at Bloemendal this Saturday the 8th.

Quote of the week:
Whether you don't think you can't or sometimes think that maybe you won't, either way you're not thinking properly.

Assumption of the week:
Just because you think the quote of the week is alot of BS don't assume that the rest of the Newsletter is alot of BS
Because the rest of the newsletter is in fact alot of BB.

Remember to send e-mails or friends e-mails and if your friends are really cute send them along as well to this address if ya wanna be on the newsletter contact list.
We're still doing the regular Shady Pine Retirement home gigs and Dairy Farm Opening blues bashes but we still prefer Corporate events and Private Panties.
Stag parties have now been cancelled due to Dr John blowing out a few pairs of his fav Boxer shorts.
In the meantime though we are doing one or two Viagra Parties just to keep all the equipment in good working order.
Oh yeah the ups and downs of being in a blues band...... Viagra then Jägermeister.

For Guitar Tuition with Richard Pryor and his original rock project with mp3 downloads.... checkout

Thanks all for the support over the many months and years.
Lets keep the family growing.
Look forward to seeing you ALL at a gig sometime.
Have a safe and lekker Easter

Adios Amigos
Boulevard Blues...........

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