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A Big Gritty Blues Hello to you all:
Hope this letter finds you in good spirits and great health and if not ......well then you must have the blues.

Yes it's that time again May the 10th.....seems like less than a year ago it was May the 10th....anyway we're not counting so who knows when the last May the 10th was.
It May just be the 10th time some of you guys have been to one of our gigs........Lets see if we can improve on that..

Some April moments:
It was great to be in Durban for the International Blues Fest.

Getting a Nissan skyline from an ol school friend......Free
Filling it up with petrol .......R300
Push starting the Nissan Skyline outside the busiest Casino in Durban with 100% humidity......Shameless$$

It was a trying experience for some of the band to find the venue and then actually find our accommodation.....
There's no mountain or mine dump to orientate with.
People in Durban like to give directions and are very helpful but they just don't know their street names.
Durban is Doc John's home town so I'm sure the nostalgia had something to do with his extra gritty blues performance on Freedom day but he's just as confused about street names as the rest.
Anyway a most enjoyable gig.
Not a big crowd.... but a great crowd.... they were very enthusiastic and they seemed like a damn fine bunch of blues brothers and sistas.
Thanks to the organizers and everyone that was there including some of the guys that even made it from Cape Town.....
Great to meet and enjoy one of blues' real deals ......Philip Walker
We'd love to be back in 2008.

Richard Pryor Headed north after the Blues Fest on what was a 2nd attempt at a honeymoon.....and yet again his car ended up in a ditch.
This time in a game reserve with an Injured Lion in the vicinity.
He was trying to avoid a Tourist land Rover and so pulled to the side where a ditch suddenly appeared....deja vu!
What can we say........Life's a Ditch.
The Land Cruiser was stationary at the time and the VW polo was seen going in with back wheels now off the ground by Americans, the French and some Germans.
The Game ranger tried to warn everyone not to move around off the vehicle...... as movement meant Lion food.
With the Game ranger slightly annoyed.... he and another American helped pull the Car out........
Lead Guitarists need support wherever they go.
Well it didn't end there as later that night on a night drive into the bush, Richard and the rest of the tour party were charged by an elephant in musk.
And for those that don't know what an elephant in musk is well........ it's an elephant that is as Horny as hell, he's had about 13 Jägermeisters and is in one heck of a bad mood......
Does that sound like someone you know!...he he he

Greg Smith has recently picked up a really bad habit of going to see a rugby match every 23 years.
He last went to see Natal vs Western Province in 1984 and now on this last visit to Durban went to see the Sharks/Lion match.
He was bitterly disappointed when not a sole recognized him....... DAMN!!!!

Some really good news is that Graham Beyer's car hasn't broken down since the last newsletter......because he hasn't had a car since then.
Although his plane was delayed on route to Durban.
Just as well Graham isn't a pilot..... Just imagine breaking down on the N2 in a 737 on your way to Berties Mooring....
Then phoning the AA (Airport Association) from the yellow phone box on the side of the road and then realizing you've locked your keys in the cockpit.
That's one hell of a place to run out of Airtime............... OK let's get to this month.

The May Lowdown:
Lets start off with our Highlight of the Month.........Boulevard Blues off to Namibia at the end of May....Oh Yeah
Now's a good time to use those Voyager miles that you've been so carefully saving.
It's a gig on June the 2nd and it's in Tsumeb just on the border of the Etosha Pan Game Reserve..... We can already smell those musky elephants...
We have heard that on this route the plane will cruise to a height of 38000 feet and not the national 35000 feet...... so we think a new Jägermeister drinking height record is up for grabs.
We'll keep you posted on this one.

We're also back at one of our favorite venues this month....DIE BOER!!
We'll be camping out here for 2 days.
Acoustic 1st set and an electrically charged 2nd set....
Sat night the 19th 8 30pm start but doors open at 6-30pm.
Or if you're a Sunday blues reveler we give you another chance on the 20th.......
Pull in to one of the best venues in the Cape.

The rest of May looks like This:

6th Berties Mooring, Sunday 5pm till 8pm
12th Confirmed Private Party
16th Berties Mooring Acoustic sessions, Wed 8pm till 11pm
18th Fogeys in Muizenberg Electric Friday 8 30 pm till 11pm
19th Die Boer Saturday........ Both days Acoustic and Electric with guests
20th Die Boer Sunday Session checkout for more details
25th Lord Nelson INN ....Acoustic Sessions... 1 Free Jägermeister 8pm
26th The Flaming Fox Birthday Celebration Parklands 8 30pm
27th Berties Mooring Sunday 5pm till 8pm

Blues Quote for May:
Just remember the more stuff you get.... then the more stuff you gotta get for the stuff you got.

Assumption of the month:
Don't assume that just because we have one each month that we will have one every month..... OKAY?

Doc John has a new pair of bright green Boxer shorts and a Hugh Hefner Gown to boot and he's been working on his dance routine the last couple of weeks.
Hell, even his hip technique has improved...... so we're up for those late night Kitchen Teas and Bunny Girl Blues Bashes.
I'm sure you don't need reminding but remember Corporate Functions and Private Panties are our speciality.

Our previous request that you send friends emails and even friends in the post was taken far too literally by some.
We received alot of badly packaged and sometimes damaged friends in the post.
Please for our sake and the sake of your friends......JUST SEND THE EMAILS!!
C'mon get those lists together and forward them to this address and get your blues news direct from the Boulevard Blues.
This family has grown incredibly over the last year and we are now outsourcing the newsletter sending procedure.
This should ensure that alot more of you receive the letter....especially businesses where security is very tight with regards spam mail.

For Guitar Tuition with Richard Pryor and his original rock project....checkout

Look forward to seeing you ALL at a gig at the same time ...he he he

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