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A Wet Rainy Yo!

To all Boulevard Blues extended Family Members out there.

Lets checkout what's Blues and what's News:

-Yes it's official... Boulevard Blues off to Oppi Koppi this year in on Fri 10th August...Oh Yeah....
- Will be doing the Colesberg Harley Davidson rally again this year..... Gonna Rock!!!
- Lookout for us at Kirstenbosch Silvertree Restaurant on the 22nd July
checkout and ph 021-7629585 to book
- Also our fist gig at The Cape Farmhouse in Scarborough on 1st of September will be a new one for us.
- Brand new gigs hot off the press are Just Wine in Montague Gardens
- and at Che Latino Lounge in Brackenfell.... Always great to play at new places.

Coming up this month:
We're in Stellenbosch this come on all you Stellies locals, pull in and come support us at Klein Libertas.
Stellenbosch not traditionally kind to Boulevard Blues but we're hoping to change that this Friday..... Pull IN.

15th Klein Libertas inside Theatre..... Friday 8.30pm.... ph 021 8838164 to book and checkout
17th Guzzlers Tableview Sunday 6pm till 10pm ph 021 5560054
24th Berties Mooring ...... Sunday 5pm till 8pm ph 021 856 3343
30th Fogeys in Muizenberg, Electric Friday 8-30 pm to 11pm ph 021 7883252 to book.
1st July.... Just Wine Sunday...Double Bill with the Thunderbirds 7pm

Some International News:
Well Boulevard Blues now back from their international Tour de Blue in Tsumeb are citing the DRC as a possible next cross border venture.
It was a long arduous journey to The North of Nothing at all.
Now we know why the locals refer to The Karoo as a metropolitan area.
The band flew in swiftly to Windhoek but alas the car broke down on the way to Tsumeb and on the way back.... which left us no option but to do the roadside blues.
The smell of diesel and the slowing down of Stephan our driver(a pro rally driver) where clear indications something was wrong.
I mean these guys don't slow down for any other reason except mechanical failure and perhaps a large elephant on the road.... and we didn't see the large elephant so....

Well after many hours of Biltong, Beer, Klippies and that damn Roadside Blues song stuck in our heads... our driver, StephGyver, managed to get the Mercedes Sprinter up and running again so we could get to the next town which was Ojitwarongo....(pronounced Oh sshitt it wont go).
There we waited patiently for the the Mercedes workshop to work those diesel pipes.
In the mean-time Doc John decided to indulge in a Roadkill Burger at the local one-stop.
This would be the same shop that we force visited on the way back when we broke down again.
............ and the same shop that Graham Beyer bought a Roadkill Curry from....... This is the stuff that unfortunate is made of.
Now it's....... Ohsshitt it's all gonna go.
Dennis East and his wife were unlucky enough to travel with us on the way back and I'm sure they were wondering why they had left the gas masks at home.
Luckily the constant chain smoking inside the van did help soften each blow.

Anyway after a long 14 hour journey and after counting 4506 anthills on the way up....... we finally made it to Tsumeb after dark and booked in at the Makalani Hotel.
You really appreciate the hotel if you spend a bit of time driving around the town.
We all went for a drive the following day........Klapped Pep stores and AC Kermans and then hurried back to our hotel.... It was wonderful being back.
That afternoon the band finally got to see Etosha Pan in a magazine at reception........ It looks like the rest of Namibia only this time with animals.

That night we played to thousands of screaming naked Namibian women and then went back to our rooms and watched the Windhoek test pattern on TV.
It was a nostalgic sight and we couldn't leave without taking a few photos of our beloved Test Pattern (now extinct in SA)
We all took turns to take photos of the test pattern and even took photos of the each other taking photos of the test pattern.
To round off the evening the band had nightmares that night of waking up in Tsumeb only to realize that on waking... this was no bad dream....he he

The next day at the Airport John was stopped at customs for having the loudest and proudest pair of silky white Boxer shorts.
He was not easily gonna part with these beauties as they had improved his performance dramatically.
They offer a little more support and alot more lift than his previous ones.
But alas.... he wasn't able to keep them and had to leave them at Windhoek Customs but we will keep you guys updated with replacements.

Some other bits:
Graham Beyer's car problems persist.
- Car broken into at Bo-kaap.
- Car breaks down in Glencairn after the LordNelson Gig in Simonstown.
Anyone looking for an off-road experience should get hold of Graham on 555 2766855.
On a more serious and musical note, Graham is teaching again.... so if ya looking for bass guitar, Double bass, Sax, trombone, violin or trumpet music lessons.... give him a call on this number.....
Yes he can play all those instruments very well indeed and a music teacher by trade.

And on an even more serious note.... Greg Smith is drinking again so if ya keen on a drink... phone Greg on .....Dubbel Nil Bill Trill.

Doc John broke a new Boulevard Blues record last month. Nothing to do with Jägermeister this time.
It was his birthday on the day we travelled to Namibia and because we had travelled across a time zone into Namibia we were 1 hour behind SA........
So John and co celebrated a 25 hour birthday..... A wonderful BB record indeed which is great but
the problem is John and co are still celebrating his Birthday.....More like a Birthyear.

Quote of the month:
If at first you don't succeed and you try again and fail miserably...
Then stay home and suck seeds.

Richard Pryor is still teaching and forging ahead with his Pebbleman project.... looks like a double CD will be out and completed by end of the year....
Although things seem to be taking longer than anticipated.
Goto for info on his Rock stuff and Guitar Tuition.......
Outstanding Singers and drummers most welcome to contact him if they think they would be up for Pebbleman Live Project.

Remember to phone us first for your Private Parties and Functions........ We're getting good at them.
Phone Manager Mike at 083 4599748 to book the band.... or send him an email at
A party just isn't the same without us.

Thanks Guys for all the support
See you at a gig soon.............. Untill next time

Adios Amigos
Boulevard Blues...........
Undercover agents for the Blues

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