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Hey Boulevardinians......
Hope this email finds you in great Friday spirits, and if not here is plenty to get those spirits flowing.

2 new myspace accounts are up and running

Pull in and add us as a friend and we'll keep you spaced out..... there's some new music here and
Some great new band pics as well.

22nd July this Sunday......... Kirstenbosch winter sessions Silvertree Restaurant:
C'mon Southerners book your seat and grab some kick-ass Blues/Rock this sunday.....7pm
Telephonic bookings with Nicole/ Katherine 021 7629585
Queries and on-lines bookings with Nicole

Table Mountain Blues Summit is back again...... 10th Nov...... Tafelberg Tavern
We're hoping to get some Sponsorship from Jägermeister..... so keep those shooters crossed.
Confirmed bands:
- Boulevard Blues Acoustic
- Delta Blue
- The Lonesharks with Dave Ferguson
- Boulevard Blues Electric
- Dan Patlansky

Watch this space.

Boulevard Blues DVD Shoot at Fogeys:
Yes we have the Jägermeister shampoo out for this one.
We will be Filming on the 8th of August on the wednesday night so all supporters and regulars come and add some gees cause it's free.
This is not a's a Shoot..... so cameramen have right of way.... but hey you could be on MK89 if you're there.......
It's happy hour at Fogeys on wednesdays too so come join the fun.

Boulevard Blues at Oppi Koppi:
10th August at 4pm... the James Phillips Stage.....
Mango airlines will be delivering us..... we have the suicide flight that leaves at 5-45am..... Jees! what time will we have to wake up?
Maybe go to sleep late on wednesday and then get up very early on Friday?.... Yeah that makes sense.

And Thanks:
We would like to say special thanks to Rob Stemmett for standing in for Graham Beyer while he was in Re-hab in Grahamstown.
He was kind enough to oblige us with his awesome 4 string talent and
gave us 'the low down' just where and when we needed it.

Rest of July and August looks like this:

22nd Kirstenbosch winter sessions Silvertree Restaurant. 7pm
24th Private Party at Kunskafee...... Acoustic Band
27th Kunskafee Dbnville...... Open.... Boulevard Blues Acoustic
28th Che Latino Cafe and Havana Lounge in Bracken 9pm
29th Berties Mooring Sunday Blues/Rock........ 5pm to 8pm
3rd Private Party for Colin
4th Fogeys in Muizenberg Sat Acoustic Blues Sessions 8-30pm till 11pm
With the Jägermeister girls and prizes and giveaways this time.
5th Guzzlers Tableview Sunday 6pm till 10pm
8th DVD shoot at Fogeys....... Wednesday
10th Boulevard Blues at Oppi koppi...... Friday 4pm the James Phillips Stage
19th Berties Mooring Sunday Blues/Rock........ 5pm to 8pm
23rd Simonsvlei Wine Farm... Thurs.... Acoustic and Electric
25th Flaming Fox.... Parklands..... Big Jawl...... Sat 8-30pm till late
26th Guzzlers Note:..... Milnerton Sunday 6pm till 10pm
31st Berties Mooring Friday Blues/Rock........ 8 30pm to 11pm

Some Cool Boulevard News:
Doc John Opens a Dairy
Well after his Boxer Shorts company went down after a terrible Smear campaign ...the Doc was left pondering his future.
Since he was a baby Mostert sucking on his mother's milk he has always had dairy in his blood.
And after watching a documentary on mating cows on discovery channel he decided a dairy would be a great way to earn
a bit of extra on the side.
Also After having met and been involved with alot of cows in his lifetime it seemed like a natural transition to Dairy Farming.
He has really eased into his new found passion for Udder Squeezing and in general milking the public.
Although he has often sucked at dairy products in general he is definitely keeping a breast of the industry.
When a reporter from the Daily Tripe asked John if he thought it was wise to get involved at such a late stage in his career
he replied "Udder Know"
He did also added though that the competition is cheesed off at his recent growth.... although he plans to have the growth removed at a later date.
Anyway we wish Doc John's Dairy all the success in the future.

Big G joins a new band
Other exciting news was Graeme Abbott had to shed a bit of skin after he joined a Jewish Worship Band.
He has really enjoyed the new exposure that he has received.....
and in his own words he said...."this band is a cut above the rest"
He promised it wouldn't interfere with his BB commitments even if he does have a problem with commitment.
He wasn't able to make the gig on Sunday at Justwine due to a stomach problem which only Graeme knows the finer details thereof.
Anyway Debbie Pryor came in and did a sterling job........It was great to have the Acoustic band up and running again....even if it was at the expense of Graeme who was down and running.

Graham Beyer and Re-hab
He is Now out from re-hab but has been drinking on the sly and he has started smoking again.
He said re-hab has been tough on him and the drinking and smoking have definitely helped him over this stressful period.
We hope to have him back to full health and his car firing on all cylinders soon.

Greg twists his leg:
Greg 'Turkey Neck' Smith as he likes to be called is limping again.
He twisted his leg while listening to the new single by Limp Biskuit.
While headbanging he got his Turkey neck in a knot, heard a loud cracking sound and then did a 180 degree involuntary turn while hitting the canvass only to look up and see two left feet staring back at him.
After that he walked around in circles for days wondering why he hasn't been going anywhere.
A quick visit to a Physiotherapist and a twist to the right was all that was needed...or so he thought..... because now he has a right foot back..... but unfortunately they twisted the left foot right and not the twisted right foot left which has left him with a left foot that now points right and a right foot that now points left.
I guess this also explains why he's been going backwards these days.
Anyway it is rather complicated and we do hope he gets this sorted out as soon as possible.

Quote of the month:
If it's broken....... then try to fix it.

Assumption of the month:
Don't assume anything is broken unless you know how to fix it.

Winner of our 'new newsletter subscriber' lucky draw is.........
Wilma Gunn-Els......CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

You are now the proud owner of a BB t-shirt ........ please email your details and t-shirt size to this address......or we will email you shortly.

Keep those emails coming in cause we will be giving away a few more in the months to come.
And remember we want to do your Private Party and your Corporate Function cause it ain't gonna be the same without us.

Until we see you at a gig soon
Adios amigos

Boulevard Blues
The Blues Band that Rocks
Boulevard Blues...........
Undercover agents for the Blues

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