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Yo Blues Brothers and Rocking Sistas

Welcome to the Blue Side
It's great to be able to one-way chat again...... Don't interrupt OK?
There's alot happening in the next few weeks so lets look into the Blues Crystal Ball.
This week we've got
- Heads up
- Gig guide
- News flash
- Turkey Talk 'the Greg Smith Interview'
- Quotes of the week

Heads Up:
The Boulevard Blues Acoustic band is up and running this week with KunsKaffee this Friday and a special appearance at The Barleycorn Music Club this Monday the 29th at Rygersdal in Rondebosch
It's a little mini 'up the Cajon' festival this weekend so all you Cajon Junkies..... here's the cure for 'whynocajonalitis'... Puull In!

Also we're back at Guzzlers Tableview this Saturday so c'mon Locals it's gonna be a huge Jawl

Next Wednesday at Fogeys it's DVD shoot time...... It's happy hour too so come enjoy this once off occasion for free.
Yes some things are still free.......but remember cameramen are not free so they have right of way.. Just in case you're caught on camera bring some freshly washed hair and a clean and scrubbed Noo Na Nage.

Now if you haven't got your tickets for the Table Mountain Blues Summit....... well there isn't a better time than now.
Don't miss this Blues celebration cause it's really gonna be a night to remember..... but this gig is not for you if you hate the following.
- Acid Blues, The Lonesharks with Dave Ferguson, Delta Blue, Boulevard Blues, Dan Patlansky
- Top class sound engineers
- An 8000watt PA system
- A big "screaming fans" venue with great acoustics at Tafelberg Tavern
- Food and Alcoholic Beverages on sale at fully stocked bar and kitchen
- Secure parking with security guards
- and there will be alot more chairs this year round.

Go on..... book now at or phone book on 083 9158000
or checkout for more summit info.....

If you miss this one you're gonna have to wait a whole year for it to come round again.
Even Jethro Tull is coming...... He'll be playing through a Fender Fluteman 4x10... he he
Thanks again to our sponsors Grant Renecle at Combustion Technology
and Marshall Music in Buitengracht Street.

-We're at Spier Farm for a Corporate Birthday Party........... so if ya guys haven't booked the band then as Charlie Parker would say "now is the time". Your Year-end bash or Christmas party and Boulevard Blues is one Kick-Ass way to end the year.
Gooi the Dog a Bone and pick up the phone ....Manic Mike on 083 4599748

Gig Guide:
The rest up till November End looks like this:


- 26th Kunskafee Dbnville... Friday Yeah... Acoustic Blues at it's Best
- 28th Guzzlers Tableview ........... 6-30pm c'mon locals it's gonna be a jawl
- 31st DVD shoot at Fogeys Come and Join the Fun....
Wednesday evening.... It's happy hour too..... Free Entrance

- 3rd Combustion Technology 20th birthday at Spier Farm
- 4th Berties Mooring Sunday Blues/Rock........ 5pm til 8pm
- 10th Table Mountain Blues Summit @ Tafelberg Tavern 5pm till 12 book Computicket
- 11th Justwine Montague Gardens The Dubbil Nil Bill with the Mighty Thunderbirds TTBC please book
- 16th Nameless in Somerset West.... Fri Night 9pm till Late
- 18th Berties Mooring Sunday Blues/Rock........ 5pm til 8pm
- 25th Guzzlers Tableview .............. 6-30pm
- 28th Boulevard Blues Acoustic Berties Mooring 8pm till 11pm

Exciting News Flash:
Doc John's white Boxer briefs have been found at Chicago International.
He was distraught after they went missing at Windhoek Airport after a few roadkill burgers on the way back from Tsumeb.
Customs took these pics of the lone briefs at the lost luggage department at O'Hare International.
Doc John was notified only last week of this wonderful news as they had a hard time reading his name and phone number that was printed on the inside sleeve.

A reward of $300 was stuffed into the briefs for anyone brave enough to dispose of them.........
Anyway luckily they had a hazardous waste shipment that was due to leave for SA in the next few days so John should be getting an early Christmas Present.
You could say that he's gonna celebrate in true chicago blues style even though he's been letting things slide a bit lately.

Interview with Greg 'Turkey Neck' Smith........ Blues Harp Sucker/Blower for Boulevard Blues
Yes it's time for TURKEY TALK

Hi Greg and welcome to this week's interview where we as the reader get to know a little bit more about you.
So tell us.... what fluffs out the ol turkey neck?
Well a bad blues harp normally fluffs a few notes but.... but I think that falling over backwards at a gig and hitting a high C is a real neck fluffer for me.
Why do you say that Greg?
Big horse is the father of the little horse?
He he... by the way do you know what the Big horse said to the little Horse?
Yes I know... he said "I can't remember your mane, but I know your pace".
Yup.... this is real turkey talk.....
So tell me Greg who is your inspiration?.... your main man?
Well My main man is from the Bible and his name is Isaiah and he has been a great inspiration to me.
That's a strange name. How did he get a name like that?
Well it's because his one eyes higher than the other.
He he... Ja..... So do you have any tips for serious pianists?
Yes... Think Plink.
He he...... Some of your most enjoyable times with Boulevard Blues?
Well to tell you the truth it's when Rich 'pebbleman' Pryor blows the crowd away with his blistering solos and then I get to suck em straight back.
Do you have any pet hates?
Yes I really don't like Rottweilers especially after one tore up the seat of my old BM Trouble you.
Are there things that really annoy you.?
Yes, Cold spoons
What do you mean... please explain?
Well when the sister holds a cold spoon underneath my turkey neck and then asks me to cough.... I just freeze up...... terribly annoying that.
I'm sure....... Anyway it's been great chatting to you.
Do you have any one-liners that you'd like to leave us with Greg.
Well yes..... Percy Sledge used to sing "sock it to me baby", but with the upcoming 2010
World Cup in mind we can use ..."Soccer to me Baby".

Two Quotes of the week:
"Reality is that which refuses to go away even when Greg stops believing in it."
"One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important."

Assumption of the week
Don't assume that two quotes are better than one unless your are a painter.

And Guys remember.......Even though God cannot alter the past ............ historians can.

And SoundGuys ........... well they can only alter the present but this may affect your future.

Remember to phone us first for your Private Parties and Functions ........We're getting very good at them so expect to pay us Big Time.
Unfortunately Stag Parties have been cancelled due to Doc John scheduled hip replacement surgery.
Phone Manic Mike on 083 4599748 to book the band.... or send him an email at
A party just isn't the same without us...... because we won't be there.

Thanks Guys for all the support
See you at a gig

Adios Amigos
Boulevard Blues...........

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