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A Huge Howdy
To the largest Blues Newsletterfamily in South Africa.....that is now Official.
Happy to have you all on board this Blues train cause we have many stations to go and we know you need a ride.
So listen up Blues/Rockers
Newsletter at a glance:
-up and coming gigs
-Beyond the Summit
-Boulevard Blues New CD and DVD
-Interview with Richard Pryor
Upcoming Gigs
-Wednesday the 27th at Berties Mooring the Boulevard Acoustic gets into full Blues swing.
 Yes that's tonight if you're reading this mail today otherwise you're living in the past.
 Anyway come and support our Acoustic Strut....we look forward to seeing you there.....8 15pm till 11pm
-Another fav gig of ours is this Saturday the 1st of Dec at Fogeys In Muizenberg.
 You gonna have to book for this one to avoid being dissapointed.....8 30pm til 11pm or so thirsty.
  ph 788 3252 to book
- And We'll be at Nameless Pub for the Biggest beach Party of the Year on New Years Eve.
  Sand, volleyball, spit braai's and rockin music..........
  The old timers are gonna show the laaitjies how to klap it.
The rest looks like this:
28th  Boulevard Blues Acoustic Berties Mooring   8pm till 11pm
1st    Fogeys in Muizenberg  Sat.... Electric  Blues/Rock 8 30 pm till 11pm (ph 788 3252 to book)
 9th   Berties Mooring Sunday Blues/Rock........5pm til 8pm
14th  Pearl Valley Sunshine Golf Circuit gig TBC (Closed gig)
15th  At Terblanche Studios for MKtv single 'Love Chile' recording
16th  Guzzlers Tableview ..............6 30pm till 10pm
28th  Die Boer One night of All Acoustic Blues.....8 30pm ph021 9791911 to book
30th  Berties Mooring 5pm till 8pm
31st   New Year Beach Party at Nameless Pub  9pm till 1am
Beyond the Summit
Well guys another summit has come and gone.
It was a great success and it looks like we have outgrown the Tafelberg Tavern as a viable future venue.
We also don't like tickets for dops but it was a house rule we couldn't change.
We will be looking for a new suitable venue next if you guys have any ideas or feedback regarding the summit.....MAIL US!!
This is your summit so let's hear what the people want.
There were just under 500 people there this year and there where alot more that wanted to come
but we had to close computicket bookings and Close the door aswell......
There were a few that wanted their money back cause they didn't get a seat but on the whole I think we pleased 98% of the people 98% of the time.
Anyway we think an 800 plus venue next year at least.
-Thanks to all the radio stations, newspapers and DJs and Journalists for helping with the publicity.
-Another thanks to our sponsors Grant Renecle at
-and Richard Edwards at for PA.
-And Thanks to all that came and supported the Summit.......
You guys are the ones that have ultimately made it a success and an annual event.
Boulevard Blues New CD and DVD:
We had a great CD and DVD shoot at Fogeys Railwayhouse on Halloween night wed the 31st of November.
A full house of mostly new faces and they will all be on the new DVD and be heard on the CD.
The Boulevard Blues Acoustic and Electric line-up will be featured on the CD/DVD with covers and originals.
The CD will have 3 Acoustic songs and 7 electric songs
The DVD will have 3 Acoustic songs and 6 electric songs.
The band is very proud of this endeavor and we are sure that you guys are gonna love this new release....
Because it really Rocks and is the best thing we've done to date.
With the skilled ears and hands of Ari Terblanche and Matthew James on the sound
and the ever professional Film crew of Dad,Son and Friend Trio comprising of  Steve Searle, Jono Searle and Gary Munroe....
It looks like something worth saving for right now!!!!
But hang on Chaps ....That's not all.
We will be including a Bonus and exclusive track that we will be recording at Terblanche studios on the 15th of Dec.
This original track called 'Love Chile' will be done 100% in the studio.....a feat never before attempted by Boulevard Blues.
We will then go on location for a few days and shoot an MKTV DVD for the track and this song will also be included on the DVD.
Oh yes and Some never before seen hidden and pg18 rated 'band on the road' footage will be included
but you're gonna have to get your password first so watch this space!
Date for our CD launch at Fogeys in 2008 is coming soon.
Richard Pryor Interview
Each Month we have been interviewing a member of Boulevard Blues so here we go again.
From here on the said Interviewer will be known as Inter
Hi Richard and welcome to your interview.
Yeah Howzat man......Ja thanks for having me on your show.
You're Currently known as the best guitarist in Boulevard does that make you feel?
Hey man ....really proud.....
I've always had stiff competition from Dale Collins when he was still with the band but since he left I am the only Guitarist,
so to be best guitarist in Boulevard Blues is a great honour.
Have you always been into blues Richard?
Well back in the ol days I used to be a Baloney Bopper and got Damn good at it.
I was the top baloney bopper in my Class and then progressed on and won the Pinelands Baloney award for coming first in the local 3 day Boppers Marathon.
And so How did things progress from there?
...well they did and so did my baloney and it wasn't long before I became rock Hard ....sorry I mean it wasn't long before I got into Hard Rock he he he.....Ja
So tell us more about those Rock days and your early influences?
My genuine love for Hard Rock and Metal started when I was 12yrs old and kept me sane during my notorious teenage years and early twenties.
One of the first metal bands that I got into was Black Sabbath.
I remember reading though scope magazine and checking out the record reviews at the back and seeing the 'Never Say Die' album pic
and I thought mmmm that looks cool so I caught a train into town and went into ragtime records and bought it......
Yeah it Blew my brain ....I was now addicted to Heavy Metal.
So where's the Blues connection Richard?
Well I used to wear alot of Denim and I guess that was my first encounter with the Blues but I guess after smoking alot of herbal tea in high school,
I ended up with a bad case of the Blues.
So I opened this case up and in it I found some SRV and Robben Ford on Vinyl.....These guys got me into the blues.
And then .........after that...........I....mmm.....Oh yes,
I met Doctor John while buying milk from his dairy and he was playing a blues song on his cassette deck
called 'Titt in a Bottle' by the band Milky Way........Well I tell you after hearing that it was blues/rock all the way.
I Guess we have to ask ....Who is your favorite Guitarist?
There are so many but if I can only choose one it's gotta be Al de Meola......he's just on another level.
You Have a Hard Rock side Project called Pebbleman ( ).....This whole pebbleman thing how did it start?
Well back in the old old days when I was still a fish even before Darwin was born and when ponds where going cheap.....I used to collect Pebbles.....
and so became known as the Pebblefish, but after I evolved into a human the man bit at the end just stuck so hence Pebbleman.
He he he.....Great.
And you're also known for being a wonderful Guitar teacher....tell us about it and how your teaching career started.
Well I needed cash for a prescription drug habit that was out of control at the time
and soon found out that everytime I showed someone a pentatonic scale I could earn 20 bucks.
My teaching grew from there and now even Joe Satriani comes for a few lessons just so he can show Steve Vai a thing or two.
I know Steve Vai goes to Joe on thursday at 2 30pm and so I give Joe his lesson on wednesday at 5pm just so he has enough time and material to gooi Steve.
We've also heard that you studied music at UCT...tell us about that.
Yes that's true . I did the Jazz Performance diploma there in 1992 but I must say most of my Music theory Knowledge comes from Keith Richards
when I met him at a re-hab center in Barbados in the early 80's when I was coming down off of my mayonnaise spiking addiction.
Mayonnaise spiking addiction...Huh what was that all about?
Well we used to have alot of salad in those days and would often dress the salad with mayo.
I remember my good friend Druggless saying "Hey Bro should we spike the mayo".
Next thing we where shooting up Cross and Blackwell into the was just egg head from then on....Hey Shooo bro...
Whew sounds like you where egging each other on...he he
So Richard you and Dan Patlansky have played quite a few gigs together.
How does it feel to be completely outplayed by him everytime you guys get together.
Well I've been working on my Patlansky chops and one of them is a very fast chop to the forehead guaranteed to knock him out before the gig
so I don't think I'll be having that problem again.......
But I enjoy watching him play .......he's great.
Richard it's been great chatting to you.
Anything you would like to tell our readers or any advice you can give up and coming guitarists.
Yeah I got a few words I'd like to share.
For great Right hand technique you've gotta start out as a Bopper....Yeah sure it's a small start but baby strokes.
For those that have already started to rock......remember keep off the Mayonnaise.
And for those of you that have already rocked out .....well smoking herbal tea ain't gonna bring back the good times.
Thanks guys and thank you for the interview....was coool.
He he he he ......Or Righty Folks ........That's a Rap
We are looking for Corporate and Private Parties to do............Please mail us at  with huge cash offers.
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Folks until soon
We'll see you at a Gig

Boulevard Blues

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