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Hi Folks
How do you know when you've come to the end of another year???
- Just look at the date Doh!
- Another tell tale sign is when people start sending out Chrissmissy wishes like the one you'll get at the end of this newsletter.
- The real bonus tell-tale sign is that rush Hour traffic talkes a break too........ Not really a Musicians problem though but worth mentioning.
- Instead of using the phrase 'Bees in a Hive' ...we use 'People in a Mall'
- Father Christmas shows up at the Robots with a piece of Cardboard which reads....'1.2 billion kids, no money, God Bless'
- How do you know when you've come to the end of the .."How do you know when you've come to the end of another year" part.
- Well you look for this sign here............^#*

Ok if you saw the sign then you'll know that we're into a new section of the newsletter.
If you didn't see the sign then you could be floating in Limbo somewhere so say 12 'Hail Mary's' and an 'Our Father' and we'll catch up with you sometime.

Now alot of you have the Boulevard Blues Cds........but if you're into rock you gotta checkout the Pebbleman CD......
it rocks and is in limited supply so has huge collector one of only 250 people in the world to own one..... and
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New CD / DVD and Thanks:
Well we all travelled to Terblanche studios in Grotto Bay this past weekend to record studio versions of 'Love Chile' and 'Blues at Night'
Both these tracks will complement the 10 live tracks on the CD which now goes by the name.......The Railhouse Tracks.........and was recorded live at Fogeys.
It was a great weekend away and we coupled it with a band 'Chris and Miss' braai with a few band friends....Chris couldn't make it but we didn't give it a Miss.
Thanks to Manic Mike for doing a great job braaing in the rain while we recorded our sessions.
Thanks to Claudia for organising the Spatch Cocks and Elke for weaving some Kitchen magic.
The biggest thanks goes to Ari Terblanche our main man on the sound.........he weaved some extra magic and it looks like the tracks are gonna be stellar.... although he is suffering from eye strain and a flat nose from getting too close to his Computer monitor.
When you're good're good ....and he Gooi's

Rob Stemmett was on Bass Guitar and Amarula......and by then he thought hyperactivity was something you did in your sleep.
And as for the rest of the guys by the end of the evening they looked like Muppets on acid.
Pryor left his car lights on and so what seemed like a simple sleep over in Grotto Bay became an extended quest to return to his beloved Pollsmoor....
We're not sure but he may still be there......
Anyone with any information on Pryor please hand yourself in at the nearest Police Station. Pryor also recieved a deep tissue massage from Miss Terblanceh (Ari's sister) on Saturday afternoon.
He had most of the skin removed from his brain and had his neck lifted which gave rise to bouts of suffocating and extreme paranoia.
Sharp burning and jabbing pains continued and hand numbness and pins and needles down both arms kept the guitar recording parts delayed until late into the night and early next morning,

Anyway we're looking forward to the release of this CD in Jan sometime. It has acoustic and electric band elements so is very representative of what is the Boulevard Blues today.
We have the extremely talented Daniel Stephenson doing the CD and DVD artwork.....
He is the man responsible for all the Pebbleman artwork and website. .... thanks Dan
Special thanks To Mike Combrinck for being there for the band in 2007 and for everything that you have done to further our cause.
Thanks Bro

The Rob Stemmett Interview:
This Brings us to our Final section ...and that is The Rob Stemmett Interview. It's not something we like doing to you guys before Xmas but it's real and alot more honest and candid than some of the other interviews.

Rob Stemmett, bass player for the Boulevard Blues that joined the band in August 2007.

Hi Rob, we have done some background digging and find that you are of Dutch decent, so where were you born?
Dank u wel, ik beschouw het een voorrecht om door U geinterviewd te worden. Ik ben een beetje camera schuw, maar...o wee..., is dit een Engels interview?
[.pause for interpreter.]. Yes Robs, this interview is in English.
Sorry about that.ahem. I was born somewhere near Grand West Casino..
Hmmm, Grand West.. Are you a compulsive gambler then?
No, No, No.but the odds are about 99% that the Boulevard Blues are going great places in 2008.. and there's an 80% chance of that happenning....but ja maybe I'm Compulsive but I wouldn't gamble on it.
I remember that we had a cat called "Frikkie" when I was born and...
[.interrupting] You were with the Boulevard Blues during 2002 to 2003, what have you been doing for all these years?
I linked up with the Barnyard Theatres and performed in 13 odd different shows around the country for 4 even years, and also a number of gigs nationally with bands "In The Mix" and "Mixed Flava"
This seems like a busy schedule - how have you grown musically?
Well in the last 4 years, I have worked with more then 70.5 amazing musicians countrywide and had to learn bass parts for over 300 and a 1/2 songs. The 0.5 was Dale Collins and the 1/2 was a song we did but halfway through the song the drummer had to take a leak and he never returned. People that immediately come to mind are Andy, Barry, Calli, Amanda, Cedric, DeWet, Lebo, Shannon, Mark, Rike , the list continues. Well actually it ended right there Just in case you care, I now have 6 cats at home.Frikkie, Tess and Snow have gone to kitty heaven but the names of the living cats are ....
[..interrupting] So what is it like playing the blues again?
Dit is fantasties, om naar de wortel van alle muziek te gaan en de Blues weer te ontdekken..sorry dit had in het Engels moeten zyn...
[.pause for interpreter.]. Yes Robs, this interview is in English.
Sorry about that.ahem. Most music is based on the blues - from Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, many Jazz Standards -it's great to get back to the roots and be free in expression, while holding down the groove with the drummer and.. Did I tell you that mommy cat is called "Jazz" and her son is called "Warwick" and ...
[..interrupting] Are you bipolar or do you just have a short attention span.?
Huh? Neither - Warwick (the cat) has a sister called Mushtaq - named after the cricketer - the other cats names are..
[..interrupting] Let's move on.. Why don't you play bass solos more often?
I'm sure Chick Corea once said - "if you hear nothing, play nothing" and I've been hearing nothing for many years now. Actually since I first played with Boulevard Blues in 2002 must be Graeme's snare that's responsible for this hear nothing approach. Anyway back to Chick Corea and another quote of his that supports why I don't play bass solos anymore. "music is created by spaces, so create space." so if that means playing nothing at all then I'll just stand there and enjoy the vibes. And to create even more space I'll even get off the stage so as to leave a huge big void .......Anyway I'd love to do a bass solo album based on my own original material, but I'm so spaced out at the moment that it will have to wait. I'm happy to lay down the low frequency groove with the drummer for now.
Your Gear Rob?
Warwick 4 string - straight through neck ,Thumb Bass (apparently custom made for the bass player of Foghat in 1986), Small stages Roland Db700 amp, otherwise SWR or Ampeg rig for big stages.
Your musical influences during 2007?
Victor Wooten and then and an amazing band called Freak Kitchen - featuring Mattias Eklundh on guitar - check these guys out !!!! My kids love him!!!
What South African bass players that have influenced you the most during your musical career?
Unfair question - there are so, so, so many - and I love them all !!! ......Off the top of my head, players that have influenced my outlook on bass playing include Marc Duby, Carlo Mombelli, YoYo Buys, Schalk Joubert, Justin Maree - jeepers, the list is endless...Trevor, Manuel, Thabo, Mbeki, Zuma, Jacob...
[..interrupting]Let's move on again Robs.....Your most memorial gigs?
Essentially - every gig - no matter how big or small, where the band feeds off the audience as much as they feed off us! But gigs that stand out are North Sea Jazz Festival, Up The Creek, Rustlers Valley - haai tog.., the list is endless
Well, Robs, this interview is not endless......time is up, and we need to wrap this one up - any wishes for 2008 before we roll over out of 2007
Yep, I really hope that my twin boys (now aged 7 - in grade 2) will be able to see their Dad play for the first time - Hopefully with the Boulevard Blues at the Cape Farmhouse (Scarborough) on 12th Jan 2008. Love you lots Timothy & Philip!!!!
Thanks Robs, catch you later at the next gig...
Hang on. what about my other cats, we have Sasha, Tessa, Sly..
[. editor. cut please.]
Final Bits: Ok Guys it's that time where we the Boulevard Blues wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Rockin out but safe New Year

From the Band: John Mostert, Graeme Abbott, Robbie Stemmett, Richard Pryor, Greg Smith and Debbie Pryor
Thanks for all your support in 2007.
We look forward to a super successful 2008 Blues Train Journey and you're all coming along for the ride.
So pack your bags and get ready for the year where Boulevard Blues pulls out all the stops and stations.

Love to you all

Boulevard Blues

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