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Hi Folks
A big howdy with our first newsletter of 2008
There's lots happening this month so lets go straight to it.
Newsletter highlights:
- BB does the wine route
- Up the Creek
- Little Pryor on the way
- The Railhouse Tracks CD and DVD launch
- New Website Up and running
- Combustion Technology ....The undercover Sponsor of the Blues
- New Publicist Pamela Tosh
Feb at a Glance:

Sun 3rd10amUp The Creek Music Festival
Wed 6th8-30pm to 11pmBerties Mooring (Gordons Bay) ...Acoustic mid-week blues
Sat 9th6pmVredenheim Wine Farm - Concert in The Garden
Sat 16th4pm til 7pm Muratie Wine Farm in Paarl
Sun 17th5pm to 8pmBerties Mooring (Gordons Bay) ...Electric Sunday Sundowner Blues
Tue 19th8pm to lateDie Boer - Open Mic blues evening - various artists
(bookings ph 021-9791911)
Sat 23rd2pmPaarl WingerdFees
Sat 23rd8pm to 11pmFogeys in Muizenberg - Acoustic Blues

Boulevard Blues Does the Wine Route this month
Yes 3 great gigs up for grabs this month
Our 1st stop is Vredenheim Farm in Skelmbos this weekend...Saturday the 9th

Just off the R310 021-8813970 to make your Booking
R50 entrance........Wine Tasting and food for sale like lamb and pig on a spit and boerie rolls amongst others.
Here's a Chance to See Boulevard Blues Band members each arrive at the stage in a vintage Jaguar.
2 sets and  starts @ 6pm for 6 30pm....Finish about 9pm
It's called "Concert in the Garden' and is an open air event with a 5000watt PA system....
There is Seating and rolling lawns to picnic in this wonderful Vredenheim Estate Garden.
It's gonna be like a huge Klap and Gooi so Pull in.

Our 2ndStop is Muratie Wine Farm in Paarl ....... Saturday the 16th
Yes!! Home of the Paarletones so have no fear the Paarletones are near...
Phone 021-8652336 to Book a Magic day on this beautiful estate.
Another open air event with a huge PA system and what an event it's gonna be.....A rocking Saturday Afternoon on a wine Farm.
2 sets starting  4pm till  7 eish! .....Entrance is R40.00 p/p  wine on sale too.
Bring your own picnic baskets and Blankies to sit on the landscaped lawns and chow food, drink wine and rock it up with BB for a merry time.
Muratie off R44 next to Delheim.
If you can think of a better way to spend your Saturday arvie then just don't think....just arrive there and think afterwards.
But remember don't think and drive.....err no sorry I mean.....Don't drink and then think you can drive....

Our 3rd stop is Paarl again for the Paarl Wingerdfees....Fri and Sat 22/ 23
Venue is the Faure street sports stadium.....
BB play from 2.30pm till 4pm on Sat the 23rd...Tickets at computicket.......
A chance to see BB play on the same stage as .....Wait for it.....(insert drumroll)
- Kurt Darren,
- Die Campbells,
- Die Broers,
- Jackie Louw Band,
- Shine 4,
- Ronnie Appollis
- Alana,
- Hugo and Orkes
- Wicus van der Merwe and
- Ray Dylan (Bob Dylan's Auntie's Cousin's once removed brother in-law)  amongst others.
We're proud to be grooving with some of the biggest Afrikaans stars in the country and it looks like it's gonna be a real fees.
We're gonna gooi some sout and then just watch these BB Souties klap them with a bit of Blues sous afterwards.....
(mmmm...not sure if that sentence will get me into the School of Journalism's Hall of Fame......Maybe the Wall of Shame)
Anyway Beer Tents, Arts and Crafts, Bar Facilities, Childrens Activities, Food and wine stalls.........It's gonna be a Jawl.
R100 for adults R50 for Kids.....Chillins under 6 are in for free...Book Computicket

Up The Creek and in the park
Well it was a welcome return to Up the Creek this Year.
It's been a long time coming but worth it I'm sure for all that were there.
There was a great line-up of bands there this year and Boulevard Blues was thrilled to be part of the magic again.
Thanks to all the fans that came out in their Numbers on Sunday to support us.
It was a great gig and a wonderful crowd.
Most of the band where there from Friday night except Pryor who travelled North to the Bontebok National Park with his Very Pregnant wife Joy.
So while most of the band was up late drinking,partying,smoking and grooving,
Richard was Bird watching, Gerbal Hunting, and Rehabilitating injured crickets that had ended up on his braai grid.
Speaking of crickets........
Why is that when a cricket enters a house, it knows exactly where the fridge is and immediately starts heading for it.
"where's the fridge? Ahh there it is" scuttle scuttle scuttle...... and then we hear........"Chirrrrrrrrrrrp ......Chirrrrrrrrrrp .......Chirrrrrrrrrp"
Which means if translated into English..."Hey Guys....... Pull in........I've found the Fridge"
Little Pryor on the way
It seems Pryor and his Wife Joy only have a few more weeks to go and then it's popping time for his daughter Holly.
The late nights that Pryor has been having are just gonna be getting later so
to all his students please be patient if he accidentally falls face first into his music stand in the coming months and to the rest of the band
just pretend you didn't see him fall off the back of the stage.
Prior to Pryor finding out about his Daughter it seems fatherhood was not a Pryority
but we Pryed a bit and found out that he was filled with Pryde and happy to increase the Numbers of the Pryor Pride.

The Railhouse Tracks CD and DVD launch
We finally have an official launch date at Fogeys Railwayhouse in Muizenberg.
8th of March Saturday Night......Entrance R40.....make a note now.
For the First Time at Fogeys we have the Acoustic and Electric ensembles.
Book early or face disappointment.
The Jägermeister Girls will be there in full force with special promotions too.
Be the first to get your hands,ears and eyes on our new CD and DVD..... 
The DVD will have 9 live tracks of which 3 are Acoustic, some cool extras and a "Blues at Night" Photo Slide Show.
The CD contains 2 original studio tracks and 10 live tracks  of which 3 are Acoustic.
It's our best work to date so be there or someone else will fill your chair.
New Website Up and running:
Our new website is now fully functional thanks to some great work by Robbie Stemmett.
It's cleaner, faster, more professional and alot more up to date........
Pull in and check out the new look ........

Combustion Technology  (Undercover Sponsor of the Blues)
Combustion Tech are a huge fan of the blues and Boulevard Blues is proud to align itself with a great company.
And an eco-friendly company to boot.
A company that puts it's money behind original music in South Africa.
BB t-shirts and new CDs and DVD's are all sponsored by Combustion tech.
If you remember back they helped bring you the Blues Summit last year.
A huge Thanks to Grant Renecle the Managing Director of Combustion technology for helping Boulevard Blues to spread the Blues News
and helping SA music in general sure to checkout what they do here.
They provide world-class environmentally friendly solutions to meet all your combustion, heating ,boiler plant and energy issues.
New publicist on board the Blues Train

We would Like to welcome Pamela Tosh to the Blues Family this year.
We wish her well in elevating and spreading the Blues Gospel and taking us to the places we can't get to by ourselves.
Boulevard Blues looks forward to working with her this year and as always it's nice to have the family grow.

Don't forget if you want to be on our Mailing list and/or have friends who do ....
then drop us a line at
Include your cell number if you would like to be on our once a month SMS list.

And remember we want to do your Private Party and your Corporate Function cause it ain't gonna be the same without us.
Phone our Manager Manic Mike with your Bookings on  0834599748

Until we see you at a gig soon
Adios amigos
Boulevard Blues
The Blues Band that Rocks

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