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Hey Blues Friends

It's been awhile since we've had a newsletter......
but sometimes life and the Blues just gets in the way.
Here Goes:

Gigs this weekend:

Sat 5th 8pm Fogeys in Muizenberg - Electric Blues/Rock
Sun 6th 5pm to 8pm Berties Mooring (Gordons Bay)... Hot Electric Blues

For all you Gautengers that want to see the Boulevard Blues we'll be near there in August:

Sat 9th TTBC Gasoline Creek Motorcycles Opening bash -
Casterbridge Barnyard - with Dan Patlansky in White River
Sun 10th TTBC Blue Moon - Nelspruit

Checkout Gig Guide at for all gigs etc etc

Unfortunately we weren't chosen to do the Harley Rally in Graaf Reniet this year but we'll definitely try again for next year.
Either we are too expensive or the rally is running a bit tight.....
because we know you wanted us there as much as we wanted to be there.

New DVD:
Boulevard Blues Railhouse Tracks DVD is due to be released in the next few weeks..... in time for the Nelspruit Fete.
9 live tracks recorded at Fogeys, some Extras and a Blues at Night Photo gallery.
It promises to be great entertainment for R120
Will keep you guys updated.

Richard Pryor's new Pebbleman Cd is Out:
Yes it's finally here and it Rocks big time.
It features eleven 'oh richinals'
The Album is called 'The Book' which is named after the 20 minute instrumental on the CD which should satisfy even the most ardent proggresive rock heads.
To quote Richard in his own words.... "I have never spent as much time on anything as I did on 'The Book' ".
Website will be updated soon.

You can get his new CD at any of the BB's up and coming gigs starting with it's launch at Fogeys this Sat 5th and at Berties this Sunday the 6th, or you can mail him at for a signed copy posted to you.

Huge thanks to Grant Renecle from Combustion Technology who again puts his money where his Mouth is when it comes to Local music.
Check them out.

Manic Mike
We say goodbye to Mike our manager for a while due to heavy work commitments.
Mike thanks for all the work you have done for us in the past and also just for being a great freind to the band.

Doc John and Rick 'Pebbleman' Pryor will be taking the band through the next phase...

Windhoek, The Doctor and some Pills
The Doc was in serious need of a Doctor during our recent Tour de Nam.
As we touched down in Windhoek, a flu virus touched down in John and downhill was the name of the game.
First night at the Warehouse theatre John did his Joe Cocker vocal impersonation, but by the 3rd night he was in serious need of some medication.
Arriving at the gig with hot and cold sweats, running a fever, hardly able to swallow (never mind sing) and sporting a brochial spasm which roared into a low mucous growl every time he sucked on a cigarette...... this was no way to hit the stage.

Enter a real doctor........ Doctor Pryor......
Although not a practicing doctor and not a doctor that has a degree in this lifetime......
He is a Doctor nevertheless that has had many lifetimes and in the year 267AD when he was Romulus Pryhiticus.......
he was able to get his Doctoral Parchment on which there was written in Middle English "Docterious inter Buggerious"
which in laymans terms means..... 'Bugger you I am a Doctor.'

Anyway back to the story.
There he was(Doc John)... backstage.... a figment of the man that he once was before he klapped a jet ride into Nam and before he sucked on a virus.
Doc Pryor was handing out some of his choice Schedule 5 stock from his travelling Chemical Bag.
This is not the sort of medication he hands out lightly.....
but here was a desperate man having a dreadful time so circumspection was not the order of the day.
Some green pills, 2 white pills with a blue pill.... and then 2 effervecent orange ones went down like slugs falling though a mucous membrane.
Before he could say 'Phlegm Robinson' some 10ml of sticky brown cough mixture was forced into his Viral Cavity just above his right front tooth.
This was a codiene, diphenhydramine and dextromethorphan concoction with a 22.5 mg Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride injection that was guaranteed to lighten the heaviest Lung.

Hitting the stage from the the right and nearly doing an exit left... Doc John finally settled himself in front of what now looked like 3 microphones.
As the stage lights blared down on him and as a drop of sweat slowly rolled off the end of his probiscus onto his sticky Jagermeister shoe............
Something deep inside his sub-concious growled, gurgled and pushed through into the concious fray like a mushrooming blackhead
and then like a lion bearing down on it's kill....... he ate the microphone................errrr.......
well no he didn't actually eat the mic.........
but he tuned it good and solid............. he gooied ou pel.
John was back to his on-stage antics due to his pryor chemical affiliations and injections.
It was a great show and the crowd responded with huge applause and respect for a man that knows the Blues and was busy living it.
When he said to the crowd "and we're here for your pleasure"... we definitely knew it wasn't for his.

With John now feeling a false sense of confidence and health creeping back... he managed to pull out his last legs.
After realizing his last legs where paralyzed he continued to undo all the work that had just been done to get him up on the stage in the first place...
And slowly, purposefully and with gay abandon reached out for the Jagermeister, the Bells whiskey and the Carton of Pacific cigarettes after the show.
These acts where to prove disastrous and after all was said and done......... the brochial spasms continued though to the next day
waking up everyone in room 1407 and 1409.
Each cough sent shivers down Ernst Herma, the organiser's spine and we never knew if perhaps our drummer Graeme Abbott was gonna have to sing.
It was groundhog day every day where we all went through the same procedure trying to get John up on the stage each night.
The cold sweats, the Benylin cocktail, the bright lights and the brown toothbrush............. errrrrrrr........... stop!!!

All in all Boulevard Blues delivered and the locals and the foreigners where happy.............. The Germans even clapped in English.
Although John declared these the toughest gigs of his life, many where oblivious to his mucous missions.

After 5 gigs on the trot the rest of the band had a great time meeting up with our old friend the test pattern at our hotel rooms at the Kalahari Sun.
We again took pictures of the test pattern and also some pics of John passed out in front of the test pattern after he thinking the
Codiene Syryp was a Jagermeister bottle.

Thanks again to Ernst Herma for making this all possible and all the hospitality that went with it..............
See you soon under a Windhoek moon.

If you want to book the band for your Party or Corporate function or your Wine Farm bash.........
or your Auntie's Sister's Cat's Nuptial Noo.

Then.......Please don't hesitate to call or email us

Adios Bros and Sistoes

Boulevard Blues
The Blues Band that Rocks

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