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Hi Blues Fans

Lots coming up this year and the coming months. If you haven't booked us it may already be too late... but we're still taking some orders. Don't miss the boat here..

Table Mountain Blues Summit at Bloemendal... Tickets are already selling nice and steadily. All tickets through computicket 083 9158000 or book online at, and they are limited so get in early...
Go here to checkout everything you need to know about the Blues Summit...
We have the legendary Dr Ian Bell as Master of ceremonies at the Summit and he know his blues...
You can catch him on Bush Radio 89.5FM BLUES IN THE BUSH (Sundays 8-10pm)

Gig Guide: September
Wed 24th 2-30pm to 5-30pm Berties Mooring (Gordons Bay)... Heritage Day Blues
Thu 25th   Wine Makers Guild     Acoustic Blues
Fri 26th 8-30pm Whale Festival - Hermanus Old Harbour
Sat 27th 9-30pm Gecko Bar - Hermanus
Sun 28th 8pm to 5pm Berties Mooring (Gordons Bay)... Electric Blues
Wed 1st 8pm Die Boer - (booking essential ph 021-9791911)
Sat 4th early till late Private Function (Wedding - Shrek & Fiona)
Sun 5th 4pm till 8pm Quay4 - V&A Waterfront - Blues/Rock Showtime
Sat 11th 6-30pm Private Funtion St georges Hotel
Sun 12th 5pm to 8pm Berties Mooring (Gordons Bay)... Electric Blues
Fri 17th 8pm Fogeys in Muizenberg - Electric Blues/Rock
Sun 19th 2pm to 5pm Paulaner Bräuhaus - V&A Waterfront (October Fest.)
Sat 25th 7pm Worcester Lions - (KWV House of Brandy, Church Street)
Sun 26th 5pm to 8pm Berties Mooring (Gordons Bay)... Electric Blues

Congratulations to Richard Pryor
He has just been offered a Fender Endorsement and is practicing his signature as we speak. His signature is definitely having an effect...
R20000 guitars are now going for R500 after they were signed by him at an international guitar conference in Geneva last month. Scores of people wanting to own cheaper guitars lined up and allowed Rick to weave his initials on their 'Pride and Joys'. Markets reacted with the NASDAQ absorbing huge losses and the FTSE seeing unprecedented declines in trading activity. Reflecting on the markets even Richard's dog 'Jones' favourite move now is Down... Neighbours are constantly hearing the command 'Down Jones'

But anyway back to the meat and potatoes of this story:
Richard has always said he would like to be endorsed before he turned 30 and with one month to go before his 40th... it's 10 years late. But you know the saying... "Better never than late".... I mean......."Never better than late"............something like that.. When asked by Fender what size t-shirt he was he replied.... "I guess most of the time I'm medium but sometimes large. Depends alot if I've been pumping alot of iron....... But anyway there are times when I feel like I'm an extra large but I'm actually a small. There are times when I feel so small but I think large. The other day I went to see a medium and he said 'by and large' you're smaller than a large and bigger than a small'...... I can tell you guys he had the largest t-shirt I've ever seen on any Medium. I guess thinking back into the small hours of the morning, my time there was a small price to pay in realizing that through a medium, a large was a bigger size than I had anticipated in the medium to long term and even a small made me feel bigger than the largest large the Medium had ever worn. So I guess a medium sized large but just a little smaller........ A small medium large if i can phrase it like that for lack of a better word and size" I'm sure they're gonna get it right.

Richard's thoughts on guitar practice:
"If I miss a day of practice, I notice.
If I miss 2 days of practice, the critics notice.
If I miss 3 days of practice, everybody notices
If I miss 4 days of practice, wake me up
and if I miss 5 days, I aint gonna wake up."

General Thought for the day: Just remember what you do in your own time... other people do in their spare time...
And what you do in the your own room is what other people do in their spare room.
So the thing is to spare a thought for the room that you set aside for time improvement.
Also a bit of Home Improvement and you could have a new room all together to think about all this.

Assumption of the Day
Don't assume that everyone actually reads your emails. And If you are reading this then you must realize we didn't assume you would get this far.

Blues Fans.... we'd love to see you at a gig real soon. Remember if you have emotional problems, depression and suffer delusional grandeur...........Please don't email us.... Because another 5 years bad luck is the last thing you need.... and that's what you'll get for your troubles. So remember think 3, 4 or even 5 times before you mail us at If you really are are feeling down, depressed and stressed out..... then rather get to one of our gigs .... One scotch, One beer, Some blues and a dash of Rock.........You'll be fine.

See ya Boulevard Blues

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