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Yo Brothers and Sisters

Well we've just had "Rocking the Daisies"....... but now it's time to represent all the Blues/Rock Lovers out there.
The Table Mountain Blues Summit is gonna be officially...... "Bluesing the Grapevines"
If you're a ticket holder already...... well done we'll see you there on the 28th of Nov 2009. If you're not then get your browser down here and buy tickets online: Computicket Link, or pick up the dog and Bone and Ph computicket on 083 9158000 Checkout the new website for everything you wanna know about the Summit including maps

Here are some of the questions regarding the Blues Summit that we asked in a study involving 35000 people from all facets of our population.....
-Is it good enough that we have 8 of the top blues bands in the country?
-Is it good enough that we have an outdoor PA system of 30 000watts from ?
-Is it good enough that we have all 3 fender Endorsed Guitarists on the same stage.?
-Is it good enough that we're giving away thousands of rands of Fender Prizes including a guitar to some lucky ticket holders.?
-Is it good enough that you can bring your own deck chairs, picnic blankets etc and chill on the rolling Bloemendal lawns?
-Is it good enough that there is abundant free and secure off street parking at Bloemendal Winehouse?
-Is it good enough that there will be a huge marquee, food stalls and plenty refreshments on sale.?
-Is it good enough that kids under 12yrs get in for free?

The results where 34999 people responded yes to all these questions 1 person responded NO to the 'Kids under 12 get in free' question.... because he was over 12 and was a bit bummed that he couldn't get in for free. Although when we put some pressure on him he eventually succumbed after 2 knee caps where broken and admitted that he was just sour grapes and would definitely want to pay to get in.

Great news is that we have Robin Clark as the Master of Ceremonies at the Summit this year Born and raised in Natal......
He is the oldest of 4 kids.
He spent ten years in Joburg during which He became a DJ on the then Radio 5.
A few years in England and then the last ten years in Cape Town with KFM
He is now presenting Solid Gold Saturday on CapeTalk 567 and Radio 702.......
He has a wealth of musical knowledge and a great voice to boot. We look forward to seeing and hearing him at the Summit.

Our sponsor of the Blues and again the main sponsor for this years Blues Summit......
Putting their money where the local Musicians mouth is.

We're always looking for new gigs........ If you would like to book the band then mail us at or ph 083 4671031

Richard Pryor's Fender Endorsement costing Tax Payers millions:
With acquisition of his new Fender EJ rosewood stratocaster.... the government has now channeled some of the income they receive each year from tax payers to Richard's Fender Fund...(The RFF) Also there is talk of the Road accident fund (RAF) losing it's contributions from the sale of petrol and this loading (which will now be increased by another 5%) now going to the RFF... It is a dramatic move but a necessary one said a government official who iterated that it was the only way they could afford to allocate part of their budget to the RFF .....and thus preventing the RFF from becoming just another acronym.

The RFF came into play 2 weeks ago when he had to put a new Fender on his Car after a minor collision with a bakkie at a red robot.
Eskom has also become a major player in contributing to the RFF and it's recent announcement that electricity was to triple in the near future was a direct result of these increased Contributions to Richard's Fender Fund (RFF). Eskom also announced that due to the higher wattage and power requirements of the Table Mountain Blues Summit this year... they will be load shedding from the 28th of Oct and there will be a complete blackout for 2 days before the summit starting at 8am on the 26th of Nov. Power to the city will resume again on the 28th of Nov just in time to catch openers Los Desperados.

Please checkout our gig guidefor 2009

Until soon Adios !!

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